Curriculum Vitae


Kathryn Forbes Neugent

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University of Washington, 2017 – present
Seattle, Washington
PhD student in Astronomy

Northern Arizona University, 2015 – 2017
Flagstaff, Arizona
M.S. Degree in Applied Physics with an emphasis on astronomy

George Washington University, 2010 – 2012
Washington D. C.
M.S. Degree in Computer Science
Certificate in Cyber Security and Information Assurance
National Science Foundation’s Scholarship for Service Cyber Corps participant

Wellesley College, 2006 – 2010
Wellesley, Massachusetts
B.A. Degrees in Computer Science and Astronomy


Research Associate, Lowell Observatory, 2009 – present
Flagstaff, Arizona
Research massive stars in the Local Group with Dr. Philip Massey. Projects include:

  • The discovery and characterization of a new type of Wolf-Rayet star
  • Determining the periods of O-type binaries and using the results to estimate the stars’ masses
  • Surveying M31, M33 and the Magellanic Clouds for Wolf-Rayet Stars
  • Comparing the spectral modeling programs CMFGEN and FASTWIND by modeling O-type stars in the Magellanic Clouds
  • Using yellow and red supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds to test current stellar evolutionary theory

MANOS Team Member, Lowell Observatory, 2014 – 2015
Flagstaff, Arizona
Created an image reduction pipeline in IRAF for Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS) data. Images were taken using the Large Monolithic Imager on Lowell’s Discovery Channel Telescope, PRISM on Lowell’s 72-inch Perkins telescope, MOSAIC on Kitt Peak’s Mayall 4-m, ANDICAM on the CTIO 1.3-m, and NOAO’s SOAR telescope.

Astronomy Research Student, Wellesley College, 2009
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Studied the azimuthal brightness differences in Saturn’s A and B rings using VIMS Cassini data.

MIT / Wellesley Field Camp Participant, Lowell Observatory, 2008
Flagstaff, Arizona
Worked with Henry Roe to characterize the Xenix CCD which is now used to monitor Titan’s clouds on a nightly basis.

Astronomy Department Sophomore Early Research Participant, Wellesley College, 2007 – 2008
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Studied Koronis family asteroids to improve size estimates and determine rotation periods using Whitin’s 24-inch telescope for image collection, and IRAF for data processing. Published results in the Minor Planet Bulletin.


Senior Web Security Specialist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2014 – 2015
Golden, Colorado
Assessed the vulnerability of web applications. Helped manage the web application firewall. Conducted site-wide phishing exercises. Participated in incident response events.

Cyber Security Engineer, MITRE Corporation2012 – 2013
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Assessed the vulnerability of government systems, specifically web applications. Worked as part of a team to formulate and execute test plans for open source software. Developed a test plan framework for a classified client.

Bioinformatics Intern, MITRE Corporation, 2011 – 2012
McLean, Virginia
Developed and programmed a face recognition program in R based on transforming human descriptors (round head, big nose) into geometric descriptors.

Information Services Consultant Manager, Wellesley College, 2007 – 2010
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Troubleshot and fixed student and faculty computers on campus through one-on-one sessions and phone support. Common issues: network problems, viruses, and spyware.

Whitin Observatory Assistant and Observer, Wellesley College, 2006 – 2009
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Collected data for faculty’s research using Whitin’s 24-inch telescope during 50+ nights of observing time. Performed administrative tasks for the department.

Modeling, Simulation, Wargaming and Analysis Intern, Booz Allen Hamilton, 2008
Rosslyn, Virginia
Helped develop a questionnaire tool for the US Navy using Microsoft Access, VB, and SQL programming. Improved a GUI for the US Air Force using JAVA.


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Northern Arizona University, 2015 – 2016
Flagstaff, Arizona
Taught undergraduate introductory Physics (mechanics) and Astronomy labs.

Whitin Observatory Teaching Assistant, Wellesley College, 2006 – 2009
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Assisted students during introductory astronomy indoor and outdoor lab sessions. Operated 100-year-old Clark refractors and 8-inch Meade LX200s.

Computer Science Teaching Assistant, Wellesley College, 2008
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Tutored computer science students and assisted faculty by grading homework and holding office hours to answer student’s questions.

Let’s Get Ready SAT Test Prep Instructor, Framingham High School, 2007 – 2008
Framingham, Massachusetts
Taught 25 low-income High School Juniors SAT Verbal skills during weekly 2-hour-long sessions. Assigned and graded homework, and prepared classes.


Look What The Cat Brought In
Current board member of local cat rescue shelter

Wellesley College ASTRO Club
Past secretary, Treasurer and President

Wellesley College Choir
Past rehearsal manager, Business Manager and President

Other Qualifications

Experienced with: Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite
Languages: JAVA, JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, FORTRAN
Scientific Languages: MatLab, IDL, IRAF, R
Familiar with: Windows, OSX, and Unix / Linux Operating Systems

American Astronomical Society Junior Member
Associate of (ISC)2 towards Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Three years Spanish and two years Attic Greek


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Neugent, K. F., Massey, P., Hillier, D. J., & Morrell, N. I., 2017, “The Evolution and Physical Parameters of WN3/O3s: a New Type of Wolf-Rayet Star,” ApJ, 841, 20 arXiv

Massey, P., Neugent, K. F., & Morrell, N. I., 2017, “A Modern Search for Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Magellanic Clouds. III. A Third Year of Discoveries,” ApJ, 837, 122 ads

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Neugent, K. F., & Massey, P., 2010, “The Spectrum of the Night Sky Over Kitt Peak: Changes Over Two Decades,” PASP, 122, 1246 ads

Neugent, K. F., Massey, P., Skiff, B., Drout, M. R., Meynet, G., & Olsen, K. A. G., 2010, “Yellow Supergiants in the Small Magellanic Cloud: Putting Current Evolutionary Theory To The Test,” ApJ, 719, 1784 ads

Conference Proceedings

June 2017: A new type of Wolf-Rayet star: A possible progenitor to Type Ic-BL supernovae and long duration GRBs at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS) Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. (talk)

November 2016: The Evolutionary Status of WN3/O3 Wolf-Rayet Stars at The lives and death-throes of massive stars in Auckland, New Zealand. IAU Symposium No. 329 (talk) ads

June 2016: WN3/O3 Wolf-Rayet Stars: Examples of Homogeneous Evolution? at Bridging the gap: from massive stars to supernovae at Chicheley Hall, England. (poster)

July 2015: The Discovery and Physical Parameterization of a New Type of Wolf-Rayet Star at the International Workshop on Wolf-Rayet Stars in Potsdam, Germany. (talk) ads

June 2014: The Close Binary Frequency of Wolf-Rayet Stars as a Function of Metallicity in M31 and M33 at IAU #307: New windows on massive stars: asteroseismology, interferometry, and spectropolarimetry in Geneva, Switzerland. (poster and mini talk) ads

June 2013: The Wolf-Rayet Content of Local Group Galaxies at Massive Stars: From Alpha to Omega in Rhodes, Greece. (talk) ads

May 2011: Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Local Group at the Boston AAS Meeting #218. (poster) ads

January 2010: Determining the Physical Parameters of Massive Stars in the SMC and LMC at the Washington DC AAS Meeting #215. (poster) ads


October 2016: Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Local Group Galaxies for a Colorado University: Boulder lunch colloquium

October 2016: Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Local Group Galaxies for a University of Washington lunch colloquium

Observing Experience

Telescope Instrument # Nights Project
MMT 6.5m Hectospec 15 Searching for WRs (and WR binaries) in M33 and M31
Magellan (Clay and Baade) 6.5m IMACS, MagE, FIRE 10 Confirming WRs and determining periods of O binary stars
Lowell 4.3m DCT LMI 6 Characterizing the LMI CCD, determining periods of binary WRs, and finding WRs in M33
Kitt Peak 2.1m Gold Spectrograph 5 Measuring the Kitt Peak sky brightness
Swope 1m CCD 35 Finding WRs using interference filters

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