My November 2015 trip to Chile marks the 10th time I’ve traveled down to Las Campanas Observatory to observe massive stars in the Magellanic Clouds. The current run involves 10 nights on the 40” Swope using narrow band interference filters to search for Wolf-Rayet stars in the SMC and LMC. We then have two nights on the 6.5m Baade Magellan Telescope to spectroscopically confirm new Wolf-Rayets as well as make a few follow-up observations of previously discovered Wolf-Rayets. Sadly, El Nino brought bad weather to the usually crystal-clear Chilean skies. We’ve been closed due to clouds for the last couple of nights, but we’re hopeful it will clear up for our Magellan time tomorrow. Still, the bad weather has allowed for a few fun projects. At one point it was clear with poor seeing so I took the opportunity to image 47 Tuc as is shown above.