There are around 145 lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, and I’m in the process of hiking to all of them! Below are pictures of the lakes I’ve visited so far, as well as the ones I hope to visit soon!

Lakes I’ve Visited (59)

Bear Lake Bear Lake Bierstadt Lake Bierstadt Lake Black Lake Black Lake
Blue Lake Blue Lake (Glacier Gorge) Bluebird Lake Bluebird Lake Box Lake Box Lake
Chipmunk Lake Chipmunk Lake Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Cub Lake Cub Lake
Dream Lake Dream Lake Eagle Lake Eagle Lake Emerald Lake Emerald Lake
Fern Lake Fern Lake Fifth Lake Fifth Lake Finch Lake Finch Lake
Fourth Lake Fourth Lake Frozen Lake Frozen Lake Gem Lake Gem Lake
Green Lake Green Lake Haynach Lake Haynach Lakes Jewel Lake Jewel Lake
Lark Pond Lark Pond Lake Haiyaha Lake Haiyaha Lake Helene Lake Helene
Lake Nanita Lake Nanita Lake Nokoni Lake Nokoni Lake of Glass Lake of Glass
Lake Verna Lake Verna Lawn Lake Lawn Lake Lion Lake 1 Lion Lake #1
Lion Lake 2 Lion Lake #2 Little Crystal Lake Little Crystal Lake Lone Pine Lake Lone Pine Lake
Mills Lake Mills Lake Nymph Lake Nymph Lake Odessa Lake Odessa Lake
Ouzel Lake Ouzel Lake Pear Lake Pear Lake Pipit Lake Pipit Lake
Poudre Lake Poudre Lake Ptarmigan Tarn Ptarmigan Tarns Sandbeach Lake Sandbeach Lake
Shelf Lake Shelf Lake Sky Pond Sky Pond Snowbank Lake Snowbank Lake
Solitude Lake Solitude Lake Spirit Lake Spirit Lake Spruce Lake Spruce Lake
The Loch The Loch The Pool The Pool Thunder Lake Thunder Lake
Tourmaline Lake Tourmaline Lake Two Rivers Lake Two Rivers Lake Ypsilon Lake Ypsilon Lake
Chasm Lake Chasm Lake Peacock Pond Peacock Pond Sprague Lake Sprague Lake
Lily Lake Lily Lake Sheep Lakes Sheep Lakes  

Lakes Remaining (85)

This list is primarily from Lisa Foster’s RMNP Complete Hiking Guide, with some supplements from this website and personal experience. I also double-checked the lake locations with the RMNP Boundary since a few lakes are right on the border.

Bear Lake Area

Andrews Tarn Black Pool Embryo Lake
“Italy Lake” Loomis Lake Marigold Lake
Marigold Pond “Pool of Jade” “Primrose Pond”
Round Pond    

Wild Basin

Castle Lake Cony Lake Copeland Lake
Falcon Lake Fan Lake Lake Powell
Frigid Lake Hutcheson Lake (lower) Hutcheson Lake (middle)
Hutcheson Lake (upper) Indigo Pond Isolation Lake
Junco Lake Keplinger Lake Lake of Many Winds
Twin Lake (Lower) Twin Lake (upper)  

Mummy Range

Beaver Ponds Hazeline Lake “Kettle Tarn”
Fay Lake (lower) Fay Lake (middle) Fay Lake (upper)
Lake Dunraven Lake Husted Lake Louise
“Looking Glass Lake” Lost Lake Mirror Lake
Potts Puddle Rowe Glacier/”Rowe Glacier Lake” “Scotch Lake”
Spectacle Lake (lower) Spectacle Lake (upper) “Whiskey Lake”
Chiquita Lake    

Never Summer Range

Blue Lake (Never Summer) Bowen Lake Lake Irene
Bighorn Lake Chickaree Lake Lake of the Clouds
Parika Lake Pinnacle Pool Ruby Lake

North / East Inlet

Bench Lake Big Pool Lake Solitude
Lake Catherine Pettingell Lake Ten Lake Park
Adams Lake    

Center / Continental Divide

Arrowhead Lake Azure Lake Doughnut Lake
Forest Lake Hayden Lake Highest Lake
Iceberg Lake Inkwell Lake Irene Lake
Julian Lake Lake Amore Little Rock Lake
Lonesome Lake Love Lake Murphy Lake
Rainbow Lake Rock Lake Snowdrift Lake
Timber Lake “Wonderland Lake” “Sprague Tarn”
Hourglass Lake Ptarmigan Lake