DES Animation

*** Thank you to Omar for finding an error the key scheduler portion of this walk through. While the concepts are still accurate, I failed to correctly apply the left circular shift between blocks c[1] and c[2]. The first line of c[2] should be 1011000 instead of 1101100. Hopefully I will have time to correct this error in the near future. ***

For my GWU CSCI 6541: Network Security Principles final project, I created an animation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES). The animation’s purpose is simple: divide, conquer and glue. I first divide DES up into small, manageable pieces. I then show how each piece is used to encrypt the plaintext. Finally, I glue all of the pieces back together and show how DES works as a whole.

I additionally created a document that shows every step that went into encrypting the plaintext into ciphertext. While the animation provides a good overview, this document provides a much more detailed background.

download DES walkthrough (pdf)