Short trip to the MMT

In mid-September Phil and I made a short trip to the MMT for one night of observing on Hectospec. Sadly the guider didn’t work and we didn’t get any data (with sub-arcsecond seeing!!), but Hectospec operates in queue mode so we weren’t totally out of luck. In fact, the night after we left one of our fields was observed. I… Read more →

Working with the Geneva Evolutionary Group

In early July I travelled to Geneva, Switzerland to work with the Geneva Evolutionary Group on understanding the luminosity function of Red Supergiants (RSGs) in M31. We had previously obtained telescope time on UKIRT on Mauna Kea in Hawaii to observe thousands of RSGs. After photometrically separating the ones in M31 out from the foreground stars we were able to… Read more →

Priority Visitors on Gemini North

In mid-October Phil Massey and I went to Hawaii to observe on 8-m Gemini North as priority visitors. This meant we acted like queue observers in exchange for getting the chance to observe our own Wolf-Rayets under pristine Mauna Kea conditions. Sadly, these conditions never occurred but I still got to see volcanos, sea turtles, and really big telescopes on… Read more →

Back at Las Campanas

I recently returned from a trip to Las Campanas Observatory where my collaborators and I finished up a four year project searching for Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds using the 1-meter Swope telescope. We have a few half nights on the Baade Magellan telescope in less than a month to hopefully confirm any candidate Wolf-Rayets we may have found… Read more →

New Zealand Massive Stars Conference

In the end of November I journeyed to Auckland, New Zealand to present my work at a Massive Stars conference. In addition to the conference, I also did a little vacationing before hand. My friend and I visited Hobbiton, Rotorua, Taupo, and Hot Water beach. Hopefully the next Massive Star “beach meeting” is in an exciting location! Read more →