Trip to Europe and Scandinavia

In early June I traveled to Chicheley Hall in the English countryside to present my work on WN3/O3 Wolf-Rayets at the Bridging the gap: from massive stars to supernovae meeting. In addition to learning more about these stars from an evolutionary standpoint, I additionally got the chance to do some traveling! I extended my trip by a bit and visited Stonehenge… Read more →

10th Trip to Las Campanas Observatory

My November 2015 trip to Chile marks the 10th time I’ve traveled down to Las Campanas Observatory to observe massive stars in the Magellanic Clouds. The current run involves 10 nights on the 40″ Swope using narrow band interference filters to search for Wolf-Rayet stars in the SMC and LMC. We then have two nights on the 6.5m Baade Magellan… Read more →

Observing at the MMT

Even though I’m now a NAU grad student doing my masters thesis on asteroids, I’m continuing my massive star research with Phil Massey. One of the upsides of this collaboration is that I still get to tag along on observing runs. Tonight we’re observing Wolf-Rayet binaries at the MMT down near Tucson, AZ. The last 19 nights have been clouded /… Read more →

Off to Europe …

Pretty soon I’ll be packing my bags to head back to Europe for another astronomy conference. After Greece in 2013, and Switzerland in 2014, Phil and I are now headed off to Potsdam, Germany for a conference on Wolf-Rayet stars! Phil will be giving an invited talk on Wolf-Rayet surveys and I’ll be giving a talk on our newly discovered… Read more →

Going to NAU!

This August I’ll be moving back to Flagstaff, AZ to attend Northern Arizona University and work towards my Masters in Applied Physics with asteroid-extraordinaire David Trilling as my advisor. While I’ve enjoyed researching massive stars for the past 6 years, it will be fun to focus my research on asteroids again! And, I hear there’s a massive star meeting in New… Read more →