Observing at the MMT

Even though I’m now a NAU grad student doing my masters thesis on asteroids, I’m continuing my massive star research with Phil Massey. One of the upsides of this collaboration is that I still get to tag along on observing runs. Tonight we’re¬†observing Wolf-Rayet binaries at the MMT down near Tucson, AZ. The last 19 nights have been clouded /… Read more →

Off to Europe …

Pretty soon I’ll be packing my bags to head back to Europe for another astronomy conference. After Greece in 2013, and Switzerland in 2014, Phil and I are now headed off to Potsdam, Germany for a conference on Wolf-Rayet stars! Phil will be giving an invited talk on Wolf-Rayet surveys and I’ll be giving a talk on our newly discovered… Read more →

Going to NAU!

This August I’ll be moving back to Flagstaff, AZ to attend Northern Arizona University and work towards my Masters in Applied Physics with asteroid-extraordinaire¬†David Trilling as my advisor. While I’ve enjoyed researching massive stars for the past 6 years, it will be fun to focus my research on asteroids again! And, I hear there’s a massive star meeting in New… Read more →